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I was born in Brooklyn, NY and always dreamed of running my own company. I am elated that it has finally came true!! Running a business can be hard work, but the ride is amazing! I love to read, write, conquer my goals, try new things, work out and most essentially cook! I truly believe we can heal the world with love, kindness and a hug! No matter your goals whether long term or short, always know that anything is possible. I am living proof that with hard work and guidance things can work in your favor. I want my brand to be a staple in the community and actually change lives. JetommesWay will be that beacon that accepts young, talented and gifted teens who are interested in building their own business. I want to position myself where I can show someone the steps its takes to be successful. With that being said, please allow us to change your life one #scent at a time 🍭

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